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At Fraser Wood Elements, we provide a diverse range of materials for your upcoming commercial or residential projects. In collaboration with reputable brands such as Grato Collections and Jamie Beckwith, we enhance your flooring and wall covering needs. Each design element is carefully curated to meet both functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. Whatever your are seeking, our dedicated design team is here to assist you every step of the way. 




Grato offers artfully crafted flooring designs sourced from Spain, accentuating the innate beauty of wood. Seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with seasoned craftsmanship, Grato delivers innovative, high-quality wooden flooring that breathes life into your designs. Each of the designs in the collections come in various formats, colors, sizes, and grades.

The essentials

The Essentials collection infuses your home with a timeless, natural atmosphere. Featuring twelve classic tones, this collection showcases the inherent beauty of oak wood, elevating your living space with lasting warmth.

nordik whites

Drawing inspiration from the gentle hues of Nordic forests, the Nordik Whites collection imparts a light and refreshing ambiance to any space. This design seamlessly melds contemporary and classic elements, offering six distinct white-based tones to suit various styles and preferences. 

serene grays

The Serene Grays collections is Grato’s most contemporary collection designed for modern tastes. This collection comes in six different dark neutrals that provide a serene and sophisticated touch to any home.

warm hearts

Emulating the texture and hues of the desert landscape, the Warm Hearts collection showcases six welcoming colors. A part of Grato’s Oak Thermo series, this collection is crafted using their heat-treatment process, ensuring each plank embodies warmth and character inspired by nature’s beauty.

Jamie beckwith

The Jamie Beckwith Collection offers exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted wall surfacing options available in both wood and ceramic. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, our studio is a hub of creativity, where our designers conceive bold yet timeless design elements that transform your walls into captivating works of art. Perfect for a wide range of projects—creative, commercial, or residential—Jamie Beckwith’s designs add an unparalleled aesthetic allure to any space.


Diverging from conventional wood surfacing, the Enigma collection introduces innovative designs that transcend traditional expectations. By replacing typical strips and planks with distinctive geometric patterns, this collection elevates the inherent warmth of wood, offering a refreshing take on contemporary flooring.


Elevating your walls with depth and texture, the Projection collection showcases wooden blocks in diverse sizes and patterns. Tailored to your individual tastes, the personalized design adds a distinctive touch to your space. The interplay of light and shadow created by the contrasting depths of the blocks delivers a captivating visual contrast.


Crafted for both wall and ceiling surfaces, the Etched collection seamlessly blends the advantages of engineered hardwood with the enduring allure of natural wood. Each design within the collection is intricately etched into the wood, infusing abundant personality into every space.


Transforming your walls into works of art, the Ingresso collection features fluid designs inspired by Italian architecture. Each curve in the wood intricately captures the essence of this inspiration, infusing your space with timeless elegance and artistic allure.


Developed in collaboration with Jeff Andrews, the Variations collection captures dynamic movement through a blend of etching, raking, and engraving techniques. The outcome is stunning wooden surfacing adorned with distinctive designs, meticulously crafted to explore the interplay of texture, depth, and symmetry.


Crafted in partnership with Windsor Smith, this collection harmoniously merges the timeless and the contemporary through its geometric patterns reminiscent of traditional techniques. Enhanced with unique embellishments like metal bolts and intricate wooden engraving, each pattern infuses a bold and imaginative flair into your wall space.

Studio jbc

Drawing inspiration from Jamie Beckwith’s original acrylic paintings, the Studio JBC collection of ceramic tiles elevates ordinary walls into captivating pieces of art. With its array of unique designs and textures, this collection exudes a timeless yet distinctive charm, adding an artistic flair to any space.

Wall planking

Engineered poplar

Our engineered clear white poplar combines the refined grain of poplar wood with the durability of engineered hardwood. This unique material offers the distinct look of poplar, elevating any space with its exceptional appearance and lasting quality.

Engineered natural white oak

Our engineered natural white oak embodies the timeless beauty of natural white oak, enhanced by the advantages of engineered solid wood. These benefits include its lighter weight, increased durability, and precise craftsmanship. The inherent lightness of white oak infuses a fresh and airy ambiance into any space, elevating its overall atmosphere.

Box Beams

Whether for decorative flair or concealing underlying support structures, box beams serve as elegant accents enhancing both stability and aesthetics in your ceilings. While they may not directly bear the load, they expertly cloak the structural elements that do, ensuring both the visual appeal and structural integrity of your space. Crafted with care in our workshop, our team collaborates with you to select the ideal wood, blending seamlessly with your style and practical requirements.

Barn siding

Elevate your home with the rustic-chic charm of our Fraser Made barn siding options. Perfect for accent walls, our designers collaborate closely with you to craft a custom-made focal point for your room, incorporating various finished or unfinished wood types.




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