Ready, Set, Engrave!

Our new laser engraving computer will allow you to create you own custom design on many different items.

2024 Wood Design Trends

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of design trends, one enduring element continues to captivate: the timeless allure of natural wood. As we journey through 2024, the prominence of artisanal craftsmanship and the warmth of earthy tones elevate wood’s significance in interior design. Join us as we delve deeper into these trends and beyond, ensuring you stay […]

Stability, Style, and Table Base Selection

Creating an inviting dining space involves a thoughtful choice of table base, where the dimensions and design play a pivotal role in both stability and visual appeal. Explore unconventional options like trestle bases, such as the versatile Exeter, the legroom-friendly Audrey, the artisan-crafted Huszar with arched pedestals, or the space-saving Muratore Extension, each offering a unique blend of functionality and style from Fraser Wood Elements.

Dinner Parties and Dimensions: Tailoring Your Table for Every Occasion

  Choosing the perfect table size, whether for a cozy studio apartment or an elegant dining room, remains crucial to ensuring both comfort and practicality in your dining space. Navigating various dimensions on a website might be confusing, making it challenging to envision them in your own space. Purchasing a table without a clear visualization of […]

Mantel Selection Guide

Fraser Wood Elements is providing you with a very simple mantel selection sizing guide and a few more ideas to consider when selecting the perfect fireplace mantel.  Use the guide above for new construction or a remodel applications. Print off the guide or take a screen shot using your phone and circle which best describes […]


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