When your business is looking to stand out from other restaurants or office spaces, contact Fraser Wood Elements. We commit ourselves in developing with you branded furniture that examples what your brand means to your team members and clients. We can deliver and install locally and even across the USA.


Restaurant & Bar Custom furnishings


live edge bar top

Working in tandem with a local designer, the bar and finish areas of this lodge were in need of one of a kind pieces. The bar was built using a single piece of black walnut, sourced and shipped from the East coast, and finished to follow a single line around a 90 degree return. Satin varnish creates warmth and plays off of other natural elements in the room. The conference table is actually 3 tables, made from a single slabs, that can be pushed together to seat up to 30 people, or separated for even more accessibility. From the custom steel bases to the tempered glass inlay, there are no tables like this anywhere else!


cutom restaurant booths

Restaurant Table Tops

live edge dining table

custom dining chairs

Noodles may be life, but a welcoming and clean aesthetic were the most important aspects of this custom installation. Solid red oak table tops allowed for the pace this restaurant anticipated while providing a clean appearance when not in use.


cutom restaurant booths

Restaurant Table Tops

custom bar stools

custom dining chairs

In a high traffic environment, like the home of a 38” pizza, details matter as much as the big picture. For Benny Vitali’s, Fraser Wood Elements was responsible for creating booths that worked with the historic buildings floor plan, as well as utilizing colors and finishes to withstand constant use. The booths are a mix of solid and commercial rated plywood, with custom steel accents. Each was finished in commercial finishes with no VOC’s. The table tops are also solid oak and finished the same way.
Stools for the pizza bar are an original Fraser Wood Elements design (found here) and have pine seats and rebar footrests. They create a striking presentation while allowing for maximum seating and space behind for common areas and foot traffic. Unlike the tables, the pine will age and patina over time.


custom bar top

Restaurant Table Tops

live edge dining table

The bourbon brown of old world wood met a modern, but comfortable, aesthetic in downtown Fredericksburg. Utilizing the historic buildings reclaimed wood, Fraser Wood Elements’ team was able to transform the original flooring into wall clad, shelving, and custom bar accessories. A 10’ European white oak community table plays off of white oak used in bourbon barrels and creates an inviting space near the bar and acts as a striking visual from the inside when passerby’s walk out front. Custom tables were made with reclaimed tractor trailer flooring and finished to look like part of the original floor plan. Commercial rated varnish and epoxy will withstand daily use and the heat of the kitchen’s offerings. The basement bar received a custom barn door in metal and wood that also acts as a room divider for the restaurants storage. Shelving behind the speakeasy inspired bar are space saving options that create a beautiful visual with the raw wood and metal that continues from upstairs.


Restaurant Table Tops

restaurant bar top

Ledo’s Pizza hired Fraser Wood Elements to create handcrafted tables and bar tops which showcased their branding in a fun and interactive way. This project even included a chess board burned right into a table top so customers can have fun while eating their square pizza!

6 bears and a goat

Brewery Table Tops

brewery bar top

When a brewery asks for tables that can take a beating and a beer, the answer is always yes. Solid red oak, completed at 1.75”, and finished with patina and a European Oil, allow the brewery’s staff to worry less about the end of day appearance, and more about their product. With heat and moisture tolerance, there’s no reason that these tops won’t last for many years to come.


Restaurant Table Tops


restaurant bar top


Castiglia’s reached out to Fraser Wood Elements to construct a custom service counter top for their newly renovated restaurant space. We collaborated with the restaurant and decided Sapele Mahogany would be the best result for their new clean look. We chose all quartersawn material and fabricated in our shop in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg. The finish we choose was a commercial grade satin varnish that could withstand heat from the hand made pizza and late night social scene.


Custom Conference Tables

Dining Tables

In the heart of the nation’s capital, the dining and office facilities at the USDA were provided with a truly custom update. Solid black walnut, sourced from the east coast, and solid brass inlay allowed for a seriously one of a kind tablescape. Each conference table was over 4’ in width and 10’ in length with 2.5” thick tops finished in a European oil. The matte oil finish allowed the brass inlay to stand out and play off of the brass pin details in the solid steel bases. Each conference table was over 4’ in width and 10’ in length with 2.5” thick tops finished in a European oil. The matte oil finish allowed the brass inlay to stand out and play off of the brass pin details in the solid steel bases. Made with longevity, and the USDA’s values in mind, each item was started and finished by hand.


JSV Construction

custom conference table

When JSV Construction needed a solid conference table to represent their building techniques, Fraser was up to the task. Using only solid ash for the top and finishing it with European oil to provide their top a timeless finish. Fraser paired the top with a solid red oak base using only proven centuries old joinery to fabricate the top. The conference table is ready for JSV’s clients, architecture meetings and company meetings.


office furniture

custom desk

With over 150 offices, nationwide, Thriveworks needed custom, on-brand office and waiting room furniture. Using custom colors and finishes, each space is conducive to space savings as well as continuity from one office to the next. Desks, coffee stations, peg boards, coffee tables, and feeling trees were just a few of the items we were able to offer. With our ability to ship anywhere in the US, no job was too big or too small.

Rappahannock IT

custom conference table

In a world of ever-changing tech, solid maple and commercial finishes will allow another local business to thrive. Wall mounted work tables were crafted to resemble butcher block tops while accentuating the natural beauty of rock maple. The custom conference table incorporated a live edge slab top, custom maple base finished in black varnish, and hidden outlets so even the computers feel at home during meetings with clients. Natural wood is always the answer!

Corps Solutions

office furniture

custom desk

Custom cherry sit/stand desks were created to provide each office with an heirloom quality piece while ensuring continuity from one room to the next. A darker stain achieved a more lived-in finish that was commercial rated. Each desk was made with a modesty panel for privacy as well as chord management. The metal bases have telescoping options that can be customized for the employees personal height or preference with the push or a button- and 4 memory options.
A feature wall using cherry wood and stain was installed in the entry and adds warmth and character to clients as soon as they enter.

burg charcuterie

custom display

Elevate your business with a custom-designed pegboard display, meticulously crafted to showcase your products at any and every expo. This functional and visually appealing display solution is tailored to fit your unique needs, ensuring that each sample is presented with style and convenience.



Discover the perfect display for hot sauce enthusiasts at Always Flavored! Our pegboard display with adjustable shelves offers easy customization, showcasing a vibrant range of hot sauce flavors. With its sleek design, this versatile display elevates any shop’s ambiance, making it a must-visit for spice lovers everywhere.



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