5 Simple Steps to Install Your Mantel or Shelf

Thank you for shopping with Fraser Wood Elements and supporting small businesses! Now let’s show you how to get that beautiful mantel or shelf installed in your home!

1. Remove Bracket

Take out the bracket from the inside of the piece. It may take a little wiggle to the left and a bit to the right, but it should slide out smoothly.

2. Find the Center of the Bracket

Measure and mark where the center of the bracket is, this will come in handy later.

3. Find the Center on Your Wall

Mark the center on the wall where you want your piece mounted and line up the center of the wall with center on the bracket. Secure the bracket with a screw on the top scalloped side. 

4. Level Up and Check out Those Studs

Put a level on top of the bracket to make sure it’s level. Once it’s straight and leveled out, add as many screws along the bracket as your heart desires. If you have studs, make sure to mark your studs and drive a screw on the top and bottom of the bracket where the stud is. 

5. Time to Put That Piece on the Wall

Depending on the size of the piece you are mounting you may need two people to get it in position to be mounted on the bracket. If you want you can add additional adhesive to the backside of the mantel or shelf, we recommend a silicon adhesive. Now, wiggle it up and down, back and forth and then push it onto the brackets until it’s flush with the wall. You are now ready to start decorating your mantel or shelf!

Here’s a quick and easy run through video of these steps for the all the visual learners! : 

We hope you have enjoyed your experience with Fraser Wood Elements. Please write us a Google review by clicking on this link and share your #FRASERMADE piece on Instagram or Facebook and tag us! 

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