Mantel Selection Guide

Fraser Wood Elements is providing you with a very simple mantel selection sizing guide and a few more ideas to consider when selecting the perfect fireplace mantel.  Use the guide above for new construction or a remodel applications. Print off the guide or take a screen shot using your phone and circle which best describes your application.  Another great way to assist sizing of a mantel is to use blue painters tape. Tape out two scenarios or specifications that you are considering, take a photo of each specification and view the images on your phone back to back.  One image should have more of an impact on your vision of the project.  Also, don’t forget to hunt on Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, or Google Images for inspiration and create a file on your phone to find more easily.  Lastly, please think about taking a photo or bringing in any sample of the floor and or stone and don’t forget about the paint colors so you can compare against the color of the mantel.  We want this mantel to pop and have a wonderful impact on your home for many years.  We hope this mantel guide can provide some ease when selecting a mantel here at Fraser Wood Elements.  We look forward to assisting you and your family on your next fireplace mantel project. 

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